Immortal Armors

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Immortal Armors

Immortal Armors

Witch Murder by Castiel in Mar 18, 2021

These custom Armors are our newest end-game set that can be acquired only by crafting.
In order to craft you will require to have the following Craft Skill Level:

Immortal Helmet: 156 Level
Immortal Chain Helmet: 155 Level
Immortal Hat 153 Level

Immortal Heavy Armor: 163 Level
Immortal Light Armor: 160 Level
Immortal Robe: 157 Level

Immortal Greaves:  158 Level
Immortal Leggings: 155 Level

Immortal Gauntlets: 157 Level
Immortal Chain Gauntlets: 155 Level
Immortal Gloves: 152 Level

Immortal Boots 157 Level
Immortal Chain Boots 155 Level
Immortal Shoes: 152 Level

God's Tear: 145 Level

Materials required to craft Immortal Armors are:

God's Tear   x10
Darkness Origin x100
Riederan's Soul Shard  x200
Sunset Afterglow  x150
Light of Judgment x150
Atlantis Gold Coin x250
Earth Essence x2500
Mystic Gem x300
Dragon God's Wishstone x2500

Quantity is for 1 piece only.
Required Workload:

You will be able to enchant the Immortal Armors with the new Blessed Enchant Stone and Immortal Enchant Stone which you will find in Nether Void.
The number of Enchants stones required are:
+1 - 100
+2 - 200
+3 - 300
+4 - 400
+5 - 500
+6 - 600 90% chance
+7 - 700 80% chance
+8 - 800 70% chance
+9 - 900 60% chance
10 - 1000 50% chance
Immortal Armors cannot be enhanced with Atlas Ore/Atlas Ore [E], cannot be enchanted with normal Enchant Stones.
With Blessed Enchant Stone you will be able to enchant a +10 Immortal Armor piece to Legendary level which will give a Set Bonus Effect.

In order to enchant your Immortal Armor piece to Legendary status, you will need 100 Blessed Immortal stones.
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